Sabirah Siddique
Maid of Honor

How we first met: I don't remember, I was literally a few hours old. I'm pretty sure you didn't like me though!

Quirky thing about us: Randomly talking in British accents lawlz!

Favorite part of our relationship: That I can talk to you about whatever is going on in my life because you're my best friend and I'm so lucky to have you :)

Kylene Holup

Our Earliest Memory: Labiba and I have been friends since junior year of high school, we were both members of the Junto! I was also there the first night Sai and Labiba met at a Temple post-bac gathering! I tried to encourage her to go up and talk to Sai ;)

A Hilarious Adventure/Mishap: At GovBall 2016, our concert get cancelled but we spent the day in NYC together exploring with strangers we met on the subway to the festival. We accidentally took a subway to Harlem, walked for miles around lower Manhattan, and took the Staten Island ferry. That day sums up how fun our friendship is and how we can make anything an adventure!

Over the years: We’ve lived a lot of life together as friends throughout highschool, college, and post-grad. Through all the growth and life changes, we will always share a deep bond and be there to support one another

Trish Dunham

How we met: We actually met on interview day for our postbacc program. You thought I seemed boring and I thought you seemed scary. Look at us now! 

Favorite trip together: We've taken so many. Punta Cana, LA, Joshua Tree, Vegas, and San Fran--I can't pick. 

How we have grown over the years: We somehow made it out alive out of medical school together.

Harsh Alluri
Co-Best Man

How we first met: Sai and I met at Sunday School before later becoming roomates at TCNJ. 

Favorite memory together:  Being roomates in Ely 210. We created so many memories there and had a blast being known as the party dorm of our friend group."

Inside joke/story: "That one time we met 'Frank Ocean' at a McDonald's in NYC at 3 AM."

Sandeep Avula
Co-Best Man

How we first met: What started off as being around each other 24/7 because our mom's were always hanging out quickly turned into one of the greatest bonds. 

Favorite memory: Forcing you to text Labiba to ask her on your first date. 

Misadventure people don't know about: When we were riding a motorcycle around Hyderabad and got jumped by three local kids.

Abhin Shah

How we first met: Sai was a year younger than me at TCNJ and we would regularly bump into each other at ISA events. Little did I know we would end up being pledge brothers and forming a stronger bond than I could ever imagine.

Favorite Memory: Trying fried oreos for the first time during our trip to Ocean City.

Inside Joke: "I am one with earth."

Matt Schwartz

How we first met: My housemates and I threw a party during the first week of medical school that you were invited to. We first bonded over white boy rap and then the next day found out we were going to be lab partners for anatomy. The rest is history. 

Favorite Memory: Gross Anatomy with our boy Danny Phantom.

How we have changed over the years: You went from being a stranger to one of my best friends so quickly.

Rahul Muchintala

How we first met: Sai sat in front of me in AP Bio and we ended up being in the same lab group. 

Favorite memory: Being yelled at by Viknesh for goofing off during South Indian dance practice.

A trip that stands out to you: Vegas for Wik's bachelor party...well whatever I remember of it.

Viknesh Lakshmanan

How we first met: Sai and I first met in middle school and only strengthened our friendship throughout those years, then to high school, and college, despite going to different universities. 

One word to describe our friendship: Brotherhood. Even if Sai and I go months without seeing each other sometimes, we can always pick up right where we left off. We've always made sure to find ways to see each other and touch base even when life gets busy and he’s always looked out for me like a true brother. 

A misadventure of ours: Sai and I thought we found a new hidden gem of suburban New Jersey when we saw a sign for “Princeton Overlook” on the road. Eager to see some waterfalls and mountains, we were disappointed when this ultimately led us to an endless loop of corporate office buildings and a corporate campus named “Princeton Overlook”.

Vinit Parekh

How we first met: We met at TCNJ in undergrad. There was this moment in your dorm room where I felt we truly became friends. I was having a hard time dealing with the stresses of pledging and I broke down. Instead of our usual roasting of each other, you comforted me saying, "One day at a time. We're gonna get through this." It sounds simple but that had a huge impact in getting me through it and you've been my brother ever since.

Inside joke: The loud "HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM"

Trip that stands out: Ocean City when you walked to the McDonald's drive-through without us because you were mad at Harsh and me <3

Yash Shah

How we first met: We technically first met sometime in middle school, but we weren't close friends until the first day of college and the rest is history.

Favorite memory together: The week and days leading up to Jersey Jalwa. From the intense planning and coordination to make that event run without a hitch to the amount of fun we had both that weekend and in creating a legacy, it still amazes me that the two of us in college were able to lead that effort.

Inside Joke: "Touching Tongues"